Tuesday, January 19, 2010


… and what year it was! As many of you know, Monastiraki has been undergoing quite a facelift. It truly began a couple of years ago, with the hard work of Jen and Billy clearing out the front 3rd of the store for what is now the Gallery.

This work picked up again in the past year, with a steady distillation of ideas and things (so many things!) – so that we can now proudly say we are a magical curio shop, art gallery, and community hub. We still carry strange and wonderful objets trouvés, and now an ever-changing selection of art - most of which is made by local artists we know and love. Our fun vernissages were testaments to the calibre of work and the supportive people in this community.
Summertime saw several amazing music shows as a part of our new Sunday afternoon micro-concert series; and children and adults attended workshops where they walked away with craft and art projects to be proud of.

Thank you to all of our supporters – we appreciate your return visits, conversations and warm smiles. Our community is essential in making us what we are.

Stay with us through 2010, as we continue to fine-tune our project that is Monastiraki.
Billy & Emilie

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