Thursday, March 24, 2011

Donna Akrey - 'phew'

Donna Akrey is an artist and educator living in Montreal. She is also one of our favorite people and we are very pleased to present her work here at Monastiraki. She will be exhibiting video work, photography, sculpture and installation. We are also happy that she is the first artist we've hosted to seriously interact with all the doodads and thingamabobs that litter our space !



an exclamation of relief used to express fatigue, surprise, disgust, disbelief, weariness, tiredness, etc.

I am interested in the parts that make up a 'whole'. I see my job as somewhat of a 'wrangler', aware of the futility of the 'ultimate' and the contradictions and idiosyncrasies therein. I use an interdisciplinary approach to articulate ideas to create large installations and sculptural objects, single channel video, video installation and book works.

I believe knowledge is relative and fallible rather than absolute and certain and I endeavor to discover the richness in between intention and result. Utilizing common, surplus and discarded materials such as foam, concrete, found objects, junk mail, wood, rubber and household products etc., I create both large installations and sculptural objects. I think of some of my sculptures and installations as gigantic understatements, ruminations on the spectacle of the unspectacular.

-Donna Akrey

Vernissage Friday, April 1st, 7pm - 10 pm
Exhibit runs to April 30, 2011

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