Thursday, April 07, 2011

Immediate Productions

Immediate productions is a Montreal based film company specializing in artist profiles. The driving force behind this initiative is Jen MacIntyre, Monastiraki friend and ally, along with her partner Jesse Bochner. They have produced several films of artists we have had the pleasure of working with at Monastiraki. Here they are !

Here is their official bio :
Immediate Productions is the video production company of Jen MacIntyre and Jesse Bochner. Jen is a Montreal videographer that studied at Concordia and currently makes artsy documentaries. She's worked as a docent at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, as a freelance curator for Galerie Monastiraki and the Osheaga Arts and Music festival. Jesse is an artist and video editor who has 18 years of experience in the film Industry including working as a stage hand on the Mr. Dress up Show for the CBC! Our current project is the Postage Stamp Video series featuring short biographies of artists.

Check out their youtube channel !

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