Monday, September 14, 2015

BOW TOWN ultra femme & feminist aesthetics group show

Starchild Stela and Zuzu Knew have been wanting to curate an art show featuring the ultra femme & feminist aesthetics for a while. Now, thanks to Billy Mavreas & Emilie O'Brien, we have a chance to do so in their space from September 16th to October 4th at Monastiraki - Le Petit Monastère in Montreal. 

The idea underlying this show is that we absolutely need to make Montreal a bow town, not a bro town. We are tired of the boring old mentality going around art galleries and feeling unsafe in the streets. We want softness and femme power to take over this city!

To be featured will be work around the concepts of:
Bow Town, Bows Before Bros, High Femme, Ultra Feminine, Hard femme/ Soft femme, Bows For Balance, Bow Down and infinity.

Vernissage will be held September 16 at 6PM. Vegan cupcakes will be served (from Byrdsheese - Fromages véganes!), and we will launch a zine and sticker pack featuring all the artists participating in the show!

♥♥♥ magical tunes provided by Dj shakti-in-flux ♥♥♥

Featuring artwork by local and international artists of different backgrounds and mediums:

-Ambivalently Yours
-Beth Frey
-Bethy Lamb ♥ In loving memory ♥
-Clara B
-Cissa Jackson
-Fiona Smyth
-Flora Hammond
-Ginette Lapalme
-Holly Ruth Anderson
-Ian Langohr
-Ivy Atoms
-Jenn Woodall
-Jesse Purcell
-Jon Vaughn
-Jonny Petersen
-La Fille Bertha
-Laura Harte
-Laurence Philomene
-Lenore Claire Herrem
-Lindsay Campbell
-Lora Mathis
-Louise Reimer
-Lovestruck prints
-Naylemonstre Art
-Mary Tremonte
-Mimi Chrzanowski
-Peter Kalyniuk
-Sarah Bourget
-Simon Fortin
-Sera Jolteon Stanton
-Squid Vishuss
-Starchild Stela
-Sylvia Munson
-Tiffany Paige
-Tyr Jami
-Vile Child
-Zuzu Knew

♥ This show is dedicated in the loving memory of Bethy Lamb ♥

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