Wednesday, February 16, 2011

!!COCOBEURRE Lancement d'album!!

Monastiraki is pleased to host a free music show to launch the limited edition Cocobeurre album!!

***Performance at 9pm.***

Come early enough to peruse our extraordinary collection of wondrous things AND for the limited-edition Cocobeurre cd (10$) that comes with a set five of silkscreened postcards and a chance at winning a rare out-of-print Cocobeurre 7" split single on Goodbye Boozy Records!

"Cocobeurre is electric pianist Coco Khan from the Del-Gators and Milky Ways with accompaniment by Johnboyadonis from The Shrines, Viola McGowan, Choyce of Red Mass, and Oily Chi, King Khan and Dan Pedro of the Spaceshits. Marked by Coco’s unparalleled layering of vintage keyboards blasting boogie woogie beats into abstract aquatic galaxies and a psychotropic lyricism delivered in melancholic reverie, the resulting effect is a groundbreaking minimalist electro-pop."

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