Friday, February 18, 2011

Nuit Blanche @ Monastiraki : Discipline X

This year Brian Damage will bring his four hour ambient musical experience, Discipline X, to our hallowed halls !

Discipline X is the solo project of Brian Damage, ex-Phycus, ex-Unireverse. The projet was started in 2000 as Phycus was ending. One CDr was released at that time.

Discipline X was revived in 2009. A new download, “Futuric”, was released, based on the live set of the fall of 2009.

An excerpt from Brian's statement about this project :

"When Sun Ra met John Cage, the one thing they agreed upon was that the most important musician trait was discipline. No matter what style of music a musician performs, successful musicians must be devoted to their craft. Sun Ra planned a series of 100 “Discipline” recordings, and eventually recorded far more than 100 of them.

John Cage often composed based on a set or rules, or disciplines. I am also using a set of disciplines to create this music. For the first CD, for example, the rules included that each track must be comprised of several loops running out of phase with each other, there must be minimal human intervention in the creation of the loops, and that each track needed to be exactly 10 minutes long."

Come, look and listen !


We will also provide a table laden with collage materials for folks to make some art while the tunes are going down !

nuit blanche

February 26, 2011
10pm - 2 am

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Neils Nodes said...

Discipline X recently released a recording with us on through out VT Audio Editions Series. His release was Vol 3:
Discipline X - The Accumulation Loops
more information here: