Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rick Trembles


Montreal-based musician, filmmaker & cartoonist Rick Trembles endeavours a departure from the 2-dimensional visual creations he’s principally known for with a brand new series of artworks concentrating on non-representational sculpture.

Each of Trembles’ structures, five in total, built especially for this particular exhibition, melds ornamental elements with the mechanical & biological, all with the intention of eventually creating vignettes on film for every construct employing the various disciplines he’s experimented with over the past 30 years; 2-D animation, stop-motion animation, & musical composition, only now in a deliberately abstract manner.

So come see the future stars of these proposed short films on display, where copies struck from actual molds of the originals will also be available for sale along with acrylic paintings of the same organisms in order to help raise funds for the film-making process.

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