Wednesday, August 10, 2016

TOTUM expo & zine launch

TOTUM is a group-oriented art zine collecting the works of up-and-coming Montreal illustrators. The idea behind it is to create a book with a rich variety of voices and visions, a place to take these individual pieces and to create a whole with them. 
With the 4th issue now in the process of completion, we've decided to celebrate and put together an exhibition showcasing over two dozen contributions made by the diverse set of artists involved. Exhibiting works spread through both the third and fourth issues, you'll get the chance to see all the illustrations in person, as well as the official launch of TOTUM No. 4. 

Thursday, August 25th from 6 to 10 PM. 
The Event will be held at Monastiraki - Le Petit Monastère
Food and drinks will be supplied. Free entrance.

Gabor Bata
Indiana Brierley
Mathieu Larone
Darcy Roop
Graeme Shorten Adams
Alexandra Poulin
Tony Luzano
Julian Bata
Patrick Callahan
Annette Fanzhu
Mony Pich
Trevor Yardley-Jones
Sara Hum

Share with friends and family and help spread the word! We hope to see you all there!