Friday, September 30, 2016

Todd Stewart - Shield Country

Todd Stewart
Shield Country

Vernissage jeudi 6 octobre
expo 6 - 30 octobre, 2016

Todd Stewart : I'm an illustrator and a printmaker. The works in this show are all printed, and are compositions drawing heavily on illustration, either directly on wood or paper, with varying levels of abstraction. The silkscreen process allows me to work automatically, exploring symbol, transparency and light by printing multiples of simple elements and patterns. The work on display was created in the last two years, which includes time spent on residency in Scarborough, Ontario and Saint-Louis, Senegal. Much of it is about landscape and meaning in the symbols in the spaces around us.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Arranging Flowers: New Pictures by JG

New Pictures by JG

Vernissage jeudi 8 septembre 18-22hr
Expo 8 - 25 septembre 2016


Arranging Flowers  


Eye rationale.

Leaning from this stoop into the imaginary arms of Booger Brie, considering how we are formed or influenced by the people and immersive situations we find ourselves in. Arranging Flowers is an installation of screenprinted paper, drawings in frames and paintings responding to the affairs of what and what and what our painted eyes are paying attention to, when there is so much to tend to.

JG is a queer, mostly self-taught visual artist who lives in Montreal. They have been dramatically influenced by anti-aesthetic theory and experimental print based work, underground comics and small press book culture and participate in making art through this lens. You can find them working as a human photocopier at Atelier Lost Cause in the plateau, or listening to mutant disco recordings while tending to the garden growing inside their apartment, as the plant lady.

Thank you ♥

*Works by JG (TINDRUMS) as well as a set of collaborative posters made with illustrations by Brie Moreno (BOOGER BRIE, from Toronto, ON).