Thursday, May 23, 2013

Joe Ollmann & Lorenz Peter Double Book Launch June 1st !

We are please to host this Conundrum press double header of comic greatness ! Come out June First to hobnob with master cartoonists !


We are super stoked to present 5 great cartoonists in our space for June 2013


Shawn Cheng
John Mejias
Sean McCarthy
Sally Madden
Matt Wiegle 

Partyka is a comics & art collective based in New York City and Philadelphia. Individually, they are cartoonists, painters, printmakers, and illustrators. Together, they publish mini-comics & zines and organize guerilla soapbox races. "The Paper Inferno" is an exhibition of works on paper and a window display celebrating Partyka's 10-year anniversary. 

Partyka est un collectif d’art et de BD basé à New York et Philadelphie. Individuellement, ils sont bédéistes, peintres, artistes des arts imprimés tels les estampes et illustrateurs. Ensemble, ils publient des mini-BD et des fanzines et organisent des courses de karts façon “guérilla”. “The Paper Inferno” est une exposition d’oeuvres sur papier et un étalage en vitrine  célébrant le 10ème anniversaire  de Partyka.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lonely Planet - there we are!

We have recently been visited by people from Australia, The Netherlands and England, who said they found their way to us because of the Lonely Planet. We were mystified - having had no idea that we had been spotted and entered into this well-loved list of places to see on our planet.

After some research we found ourselves, in the 2012 edition Montreal & Quebec. Although they strangely left out one half of our partnership in their otherwise excellent write-up  - we were incredibly happy see that there we are! in the Lonely Planet! We even made it into the Top 5 places to see in the neighbourhood:


Thursday, May 02, 2013

Jason Urban - Letterforms

10 mai - 2 juin 2013
Vernissage vendredi 10 mai 18h - 21h

Letterform, une série d’estampes faites à la main, examine la typographie comme image, bruit et objet utilitaire. En simplifiant la typographie des lettres de l’alphabet Romain en de simples motifs qui unissent les figures et le fond, je minimise le pouvoir de communication de ces caractères de l’alphabet. Ces lettres/images sont faites de motifs linéaires imprimés et gravés avec soin. J’ai un appétit sans borne pour la répétition et ma recherche en création se concentre souvent sur le développement de systèmes exigeant un travail méticuleux et monotone. Cette inclinaison et intérêt pour le travail de main d’oeuvre m’a mené à embrasser l’imprimerie dans mon œuvre de création : l’essence même du travail répétitif et obsessif compulsif. Je commets ces actes physiques banals - ad infinitum- et à travers ces répétitions, ces gestes banals remplacent et contiennent le « sublime ».

À travers une fabrication en série de motifs linéaires vibrants et colorés, les estampes sont transformées en objets utiles : livres, sacs, et décorations sur les murs d’exposition à l’avant du magasin Monastiraki. Les bruit enlevants et vibrants qu’on y trouve évoquent du même coup le repos de la nature et la clameur d’un flux RSS sans fin.


Jason Urban - Letterform

May 10 - June 2, 2013
Opening Friday May 10th 6pm - 9pm

Letterform, a series of hand-carved relief prints, investigates typography as image, noise and the utilitarian object. By reducing letterforms from the Roman alphabet into simple patterns that merge figure and ground, I minimize their communicative power. These letter/images are made of carefully carved and printed linear patterns. I have an endless appetite for repetition and my creative research often focuses on developing systems that require meticulous and monotonous labor.. This inclination and interest in physical labor has led my work to embrace printmaking: the very essence of repetitive, obsessive-compulsive work. I commit these mundane physical acts- ad infinitum- and through repetition the banal gestures become a stand-in for the "sublime."

Through mass-produced quantities of vibrating linear pattern and color, relief prints are transformed into objects of utility: books, bags and decorative wall art within Monastiraki’s storefront space. The vibrant red-hot noise simultaneously evokes the repose of nature and the clamor of an endless RSS feed.