Wednesday, September 28, 2011


we are proud to present the wicked world of BOBO BOUTIN
collage, drawing, painting, visionary humour

Thursday, September 08, 2011

gmackrr VS. whilst VS. joe meek : SUNDAY AFTERNOON MICRO-CONCERT !!

gmackrr VS. whilst VS. joe meek
free sound trio w/ art on the walls - free
..."gmackrr = a high skilled mouth feedback innovator who coaxes sharp textures from her hand made electronic instruments"...
..."whilst = a duo of quasi-quietists dwelling in the realms of free drone & cosmic dust; with static pulses & broken rhythms"...
..."joe meek = joe meek"...
...starts at to the public...
...with art by Henriette Valium up on the walls...

This is our AMAZING front window, created by window installation artist Alex Hercules, who also happens to collect vintage taxidermy. This is a show-stopper folks. We have been delighting in how many people are halting in their tracks to look, and look and look.
The neon sign is by Montreal artist Jo-Anne Balcean.

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