Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Toast&Q annual hat show Anti-Gravity

Défilé annuel TOAST&Q !! 
Défilé annuel et fête des chapeaux !!!

*Défilé à 5:45*

C'est un vernissage / défilé de la mode / fête des chapeaux pour une soirée seulement !! Très spéciale.........
Défilé des nouveautés à 5:45*

Many chapeaux from previous collections ( development of ideas ) will be displayed, will be tried on, will be sported joyfully, will be admired, oowed and awed at, will lift your spirits, will defy notions of sense and non-sense...
Come and have fun ! Run away and enjoy this little space circus !!
*there will be wine
*the défilé will run on time
merci, et à bientôt !

mardi 1 decembre 2015 17hr
tuesday dec 1st 2015 5pm

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TOTUM zine launch & exhibit

TOTUM is a zine collecting the works of up-and-coming Montreal illustrators. With the 2nd volume now in the process of completion, we've decided to celebrate and put together an exhibition showcasing over two dozen contributions made by the diverse set of artists involved. Exhibiting works both unreleased and original spread through the first two issues, you'll get the chance to see all the illustrations in person, as well as the official launch of TOTUM Volume 2. 

Friday, November 20th from 5-8 PM. 
The Event will be held at Monastiraki - Le Petit Monastère 
Food and drinks will be supplied. 

Alexandra Poulin
Tony Luzano
Dylan Cooney
Gabor Bata
Julian Bata
Kat Annett
Patrick Callahan
Annette Fanzhu
Mony Pich
Alex Marini
Sora Park
Trevor Yardley-Jones
Sara Hum
Antonio Sonnessa

Friday, November 13, 2015

Justin Bhatia / Samuel Moucha

Nov 11 - Nov 18

Justin Bhatia returns to Montreal with new drawings
Samuel Moucha leaves Montreal with an installation tribute to Nikola Tesla

Justin Bhatia:
Hooded rainbow shooting spectres, water coloured amidst skulls, flora, geologic abberations. Arcane RockNRoll art hinting at romance and invisible worlds.

Samuel Moucha:
The inspiration of the project derives from our fascination for Nikola Tesla's personality and inventions, which have been in many cases undervalued and forgotten. I initiated this project with composer Kota Nakamura