Sunday, July 14, 2013


Ouvert les weekends seulement ! AUSSI LUNDI !!!!

vendredi le 19 au lundi le 22
friday the 19th to monday the 22nd

vendredi le 26 au lundi le 29
friday the 26th to monday the 29th

merci & thanks 

emilie & billy

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tara Slaughter Curatorial Projects @ Monastiraki

We here at Monastiraki have been thrilled to have Tara Slaughter acting as resident and guerrilla curator, going through our archives and collections and pulling together creative assemblages and whatnots, let alone helping us out with myriad matters at hand.
Below please find the projects Tara has been working on:


The first series of items include elements from the scrap box, where two bits only cost a dollar. The thread, if you’re looking for one: old meanings are neglected in hopes of constructing newer, increasingly foolish ones.  

Old and New


Dr. Yves Benoist is, indeed, the centerpiece for this week’s curatorial project. The psychology publication, one that encourages the reader, “Master your life,” supplied the complementary colour palate.

A Small But Nevertheless Significant Sample Of Dolls

A collection of lonely, lovely dolls accompanied by their shadows.

Look at the dolls.

The Psychedelic Collection

The first completely archival project, this collection includes various paper ephemera of the psychedelic flavor.

Round & Blue

Blue? Come in and buy something blue.
Own your sadness!
Hang it on the wall!
Show your blues who’s boss.

Round and Blue

Tara Slaughter

Artist Statement

Most of my work reflects an interest in disjointed thoughts and miscommunication. The pairing of text and images/objects lends itself to the difficulties I have when it comes to bridging the gap between thought and action, past and future. This gap can be a source of uneasiness or confusion. By accompanying images with text, especially when their relationship to one another is incoherent, I convey my inability to make sense of this break.


Born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, Tara Slaughter moved to Montreal in 2013. In 2012 she spent a summer interning at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, Oregon, where she was immersed in zine culture and letterpress. This sparked an interest in DIY culture.

At Monastiraki, a gallery/shop in Montreal, she engages in a self-directed curatorial study – selecting and photographing collections from the shop’s archives. These selections are then paired with short bits of text.

She is currently studying English literature at Concordia University.