Friday, July 29, 2011


Hey everyone, check out our excellent collection of photos from the shop - what can we say - Monastiraki is very photogenic.

Friday, July 22, 2011

2taiko micro-concert this sunday at 2 pm !!

2taiko are Yumi Célia and Alison Roe and 2 (or 3) taiko - large, beautiful Japanese drums.

Yumi started playing taiko growing up in Tokyo, in a local group based at the shrine of Nezu, and Alison began drumming in Scotland, touring full-time with the UK's leading taiko group. After playing for several years in different taiko groups in Montréal, they did a (very) small show together in a Mile End café in late 2010 and this was the beginning.

Yumi and Alison combined their different taiko styles to develop a varied set of original pieces, and now perform regularly in diverse venues across Montréal. They enjoy the challenge of playing as a duo and the versatility and mobility that affords, in working with other musicians and performers, and in taking their taiko to unlikely corners of the city (so far only once having the police called on them).

Taiko's an exhilarating art form, visually and musically powerful, and 2taiko have a refreshingly expressive and naturally vivacious style.

It takes 2 to taiko...