Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bass Piano VII

Andrew Wedman (Naramata, BC) will be installing Bass Piano VII in the Monastiraki gallery, with a performance on Friday October 28th.

The Bass Piano is a piano that has been tuned down a full octave to A220. With slightly unstable tuning and long sustains, strange and wonderful anomalies occur within its harmonics.

The night features three free improv duos who will explore the sonic possibilities of bass and Bass Piano: Andrew Wedman (bass piano) with Jason Sharp (bass saxophone), Marielle Groven (bass piano) with Aaron Lumley (contrabass) and Guillaume Dostaler (bass piano) with Lori Freedman (contrabass and bass clarinet).

More about the Bass Piano:

Piano Technician and experimental musician, Andrew Wedman developed the Bass Piano through his work with various altered tunings. The result of detuning a piano is a reduced tension in the strings and a unique tonal quality similar to bells or steel drums. Extreme tunings can be difficult for pianos to adjust to, so Andrew chooses to detune old pianos that would otherwise end up in the garbage. He repurposes these unwanted instruments as Bass Pianos so that they can be playable again.

The Bass Piano was debuted in Berlin in January 2013 with performances by Andrew Wedman and John Kameel Farah. Since then the Bass Piano has been performed by and alongside Ryan Driver, Tania Gill, Marilyn Lerner and John Oswald.

For more information contact Andrew Wedman:

Bass Piano VII
Friday October 28th, 2016
6:00 – 8:00
5478 Blvd St Laurent, Montreal
by donation

Le Piano Bass VII

Le vendredi 28 octobre, Andrew Wedman (Naramata, BC) s’installera à la Gallerie Monastiraki pour une performance de Piano Bass VII. Cet instrument est un piano qu’il a désaccordé d’une octave plus bas. Ce réglage légèrement instable produit des anomalies étranges et merveilleuses qui s’ajoutent aux harmonies du piano.

La soirée propose trois duos d'improvisation libre qui explorent les possibilités soniques de la basse et du Piano Bass: Andrew Wedman (piano bass) et Jason Sharp (saxophone basse), Marielle Groven (piano bass) et Aaron Lumley (contrebasse), ainsi que Guillaume Dostaler (piano bass) et Lori Freedman (contrebasse et clarinette basse).

À propos du Piano Bass:

Technicien accordeur de piano et musicien expérimental, Andrew Wedman a conçu le Piano Bass à travers son travail sur différents accords modifiés. Le désaccordage d’un piano a pour résultat une baisse de tension sur les cordes et une qualité tonale unique similaire aux cloches ou aux tambours en acier (steel-drums). Les pianos ont parfois du mal à s’adapter à ce type d’accordage, c’est pourquoi Andrew utilise uniquement des pianos qui sont voués à être jetés. Il transforme ces instruments en Pianos Bass afin qu'ils puissent être joués de nouveau.

Andrew Wedman a débuté ses performances de Piano Bass à Berlin en janvier 2013 en duo avec John Kameel Farah. Depuis, le Piano Bass a été joué par (et avec) Ryan Driver, Tania Gill, Marilyn Lerner et John Oswald.

Pour plus d'informations, contactez Andrew Wedman:

Piano Bass VII
Vendredi le 28 octobre 2016
18h à 20h
5478 Blvd St Laurent Montréal
Contribution volontaire

Friday, October 14, 2016

Kevin Spenst reads poetry at Monastiraki

Kevin Spenst will drop by Monastiraki to write and read some of his poems on the eastern leg of his casual reading tour !

October 3 
1:30PM @ Causa: a craft art jewelry book shop (13 Kensington) 
3:30PM @ Sovereign State, idea consultancy (827 Dundas St West)
6:45PM @ Full of Beans Coffee (1348 Dundas St West)

October 4 @ 7PM
Boneshaker Reading Series, Toronto

October 5 @ 8PM
Pivot Reading Series, Toronto 
with John Wall Barger, Joe Denham, and Susan Perly
1051 Bloor St West

October 7 @ 7PM
Book Launch, Novel Idea Bookstore, Kingston
with Michael Casteels and Jason Heroux
156 Princess St

October 9 @ 8:30PM
An Evening of Poetry by Poets from Canada, New York
308 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

October 14 @ 3PM
Monastiraki -Le Petit Monastère
5478 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal