Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Rupert Bottenberg launches Fourscore Phantasmagores

Dare you confront a fearsome Uzult in its unholy stronghold? Will you brave the malevolent mists of the Miasmagon? Can you resist the Volupyrie’s tempest of temptation?
Within these pages lurk eighty hitherto unheard-of entities of the imagination, each one vividly described and illustrated. Fourscore Phantasmagores is a compendium of creatures great and small, vile and virtuous, mundane and magical. Creatures of the waters, earth, air, and ether, some sympathetic, others utterly sinister.
Drawing on a diversity of styles and techniques, from the realm of high fantasy and far beyond, artist and writer Rupert Bottenberg conjures up a panoply of preternatural apparitions. It is a rich read for the fantasy aficionado—and a bountiful resource for the role-playing gamer.

Book Launch Thursday June 1, 2017
 5pm - 7pm

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Anthony Easton - i will never live up to my blue china

Anthony Easton
- i will never live up to my blue china

Vernissage Thursday 11 May 6 - 9pm
Exhibit 11 - 31 May 2017

I keep thinking about the problems of the decorative, the queer history of the same, and how much writing has taken place about the problem blue in the last 30 years--especially Maggie Nelson's book Bluet's--but also a wide variety of readings on Goethe's colour work, Derek Jarmon's film Blue, and William Gass' essay "On Being Blue". I have also been making cyanotypes for a while, and thinking about Victorian science. I am also thinking about other kinds of decorative beauty. The altar of worship, the altar of beauty, and the ongoing problem of abstraction are all part of this installation.  

The piece will have 46 cyanotypes (one for each of the years Wilde lived) of liillies (Lily for it's queer and decadent history, and ironically because it is the symbol of the virgin Mary, whose colours were blue).

-Anthony Easton