Thursday, March 30, 2017

Curiosities: past print future

Curiosities: past print future

Vernissage: Thursday April 6, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

The show runs from Wednesday April 5 - Sunday April 9

Curiosities: Past Print Future is a site-responsive group show of Concordia Print Media screenprinting students. In responding to the space of Monastiraki, the exhibit showcases works that have been inspired by aspects or objects found within the gallery / curiosity shop. With screenprint as the main technique unifying the projects, the works include two-dimensional prints, artists’ books, three-dimensional and intervention-based works. These works are integrated into the existing space, dispersed among the found objects and art pieces that are currently installed in the space. As the curiosity shop / art space is a selected collection of artwork and objects, arranged in a state of organized “clutter” that reflect shop owners and artists, Billy Mavreas and Emilie O’Brien’s aesthetic and personal preferences, the group, in a sense, will be collaborating with Billy and Emilie by responding to their already rich material conversation. Through their production, the students are responding to themes of history, the future and altering perceptions of space, time and expectation. As students reference and integrate fragments of visual culture found from the non-traditional gallery space of Monastiraki, hierarchical assumptions about types of art and how they are interacted with will be subverted and overturned. What is viewed as art or artifact will be brought into question. 

Olivia Boda
Véronique Dion
Maeve Doyle
Cariston Fawcett
Sarah Cloutier-Boulay
Stéphanie Laporte
Alexey Lazarev
Amanda Manson
Gabrielle Mulholland
Marzi Rahmani
Morag Rahn-Campbell
Theran Sativa
Yamina Sekhri
Pattie Weston