Friday, May 04, 2018


Asma A Khan / Clara Congdon

Vernissage Thursday May 10, 6 - 9pm
Exhibit runs May 3 - 27, 2018

Asma A Khan

I am a Pakistani Canadian artist/ sculptor. I grew up in Karachi, Pakistan and after finishing my Bachelors in Fine Arts, I moved to Europe before settling down in Montreal. Montreal has now been my home for the last two decades.

I attempt to create "thought forms" using a visual vocabulary that comes from observing plant life, bugs, crustaceans, human anatomy and the microscopic world. These thought forms are meant to express complex emotions in something other than words since we live in a time where language is overused, abused and the true, authentic meaning of a word can sometimes be lost. These thoughts forms are also meant to convey the incredible complexity of what the human mind considers simple in contrast to itself, in order to challenge the human ego with something like the complexity of form and structure found in a humble potato.

Clara Congdon - Possessions

Possessions is a series of hand-embroidered fabric collages created in response to a 19th-century medical reference book called Physician's Anatomical Aid. Each vital organ and major bone group was stitched as an exercise in valuing my body on my own terms. 

Clara Congdon works in Montreal and holds a BFA in Textiles from NSCAD University. She has recently exhibited in Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, and Iowa City.

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